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Sony Ericsson Media Player Skinner

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There is no doubt in my mind that Sony Ericsson handsets have the most easiest theme maker in the market. The Sony Ericsson Theme Maker is easy to use, and friendly for beginners and expert themers alike. With Sony Ericsson releasing ver. 4.6. and ver. 4.7 of their OS for their handsets, which came with the X-Media bar found originally on the Sony PSP and PS3, the problem has been these screens haven’t been easy to customize and can’t be done in the normal Sony Ericsson Theme Maker.

media player skinner

Lionet in the Mobile9 Forums has posted this great Media Player Skinner application which helps the user do exactly that. Still in Beta phase it lets the user customize the background image and colors in the Media Player screens. It’s a start and should become more customizable in the near future and hopefully integrated into the Sony Ericsson Theme Maker. For now you can test out the application and start customizing your Sony Ericsson handset using this application.

Supported handsets:

  1. C-series: C702, C902
  2. G-series: G502
  3. K-series: K660, K850
  4. W-series: W760, W890, W910, W760, W980
  5. Z-series: Z750, Z770, Z780

Lionet welcomes feedback and bug reports in order to help make this application more useful to Themers.

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