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Siemens Eco Friendly Concept Phones

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As is the current trend in trying to reduce green house gases, fuel emissions and all things Eco-friendly, Siemens has asked design firm Formwelt to come up with some Eco-friendly handsets, which would minimize power consumption, use and be made of less harmful material.

Siemens leaf concept

We have two designs that have come from this project, Leaf and Solar, both which look and do what their names say. The leaf is designed in the shape of a leaf with subtle white and pleasant green colors and a very nice curvy design. The handset consists mostly of plastic with an OLED screen embedded in a translucent case making it look invisible and futuristic.

Siemens solar concept

Solar is a great device which uses solar powered cells to charge itself using the sun’s rays, this would solve the hassle of having to charge it and battery life. Made out of metal, eco-plastic and glass it also includes an OLED screen and touch-pad, the display is transparent and the cell’s that charge the handset can be seen behind the display.

I’m impressed with the design ad functionality of these devices, not only are they E-co-friendly but also practical and appealing. The future is looking bright, except it’s not Orange, it’s green!

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