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Samsung will launch Galaxy Note 5 before the next iPhone

The US newspaper “Wall Street Journal” gives true the rumors claiming that the Korean company Samsung will launch its highly anticipated Galaxy Note 5 before Apple mobile rivals. In this sense, is to develop a market of users seeking cutting-edge technology and cannot access the next version of rumored Apple iPhone 6S.

Samsung launch Galaxy Note 5

The duel between the two companies, which are the maximum rivals in this field of technology, led to a slight superiority of overall sales by Samsung throughout this year, which could support the distances with their rival.

It then seeks to obtain the initial sales season start and position the new Galaxy model. Last April, the South Korean company got sales of 83.2 million devices sold, with a respectable 24% percent of the Smartphone market. Although sales have fallen over the previous year, still slightly exceeds the Californian Company with a respectable 17.7%. For analyst Neil Mawston “Samsung has many challenges in Asia and everywhere, but the overall results have stabilized enough to overtake Apple”.

In this sense, it is strategy to advance the in actually launching them from your mobile or the star Apple assumes another move to consolidate its lightweight advancement to the apple. It remains to be seen, if it confirms this strategy being conducted by “Wall Street Journal”.