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Samsung will be Apple’s chip supplier in 2015

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Samsung will be the Apple’s chip supplier in 2015, the year in which expected the Cupertino Company will launch the seventh generation of its iPhone. The Korean will be responsible for providing the new “smartphone” Apple A9 chip; according to have insured sources related to the situation at the daily newspaper “The Korea Economic Daily”.

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The fight between Apple and Samsung could experience a truce. Both tech giants are immersed in a war of patents throughout the world that seems to come to an end.

Given this war in court, Apple decided to break any trade agreement with South Korea. Samsung was the provider of chips and other components for the iPhone of Apple since 2007. However, despite that the war is not over the Cupertino may sign a truce with Samsung for 2015.

According to sources related to the topic, Samsung signed this past July 14 an agreement with Apple to provide the next generation of chips to Apple devices from 2015. Specifically, South Korea’s will provide a mobile application processor (AP) to Apple.

This is the A9 chip with FinFET technology, expected to be used in the upcoming Apple iPhone 7. These two companies depend on each other to succeed.

Samsung was the manufacturer of chips and processors that are within major Apple mobile devices, which earned him huge profits that led him to be among the leading manufacturers in the world, up to giants like Qualcomm.

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