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Samsung will also jump to 64-bit with its next generation of smartphones

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The next generation of smartphones from Samsung also used 64-bit processors, announced JK Shin, CEO of the mobile division of South Korean giant.

Samsung 64bit

According to the explanation by sources, Samsung could use ARMv8 64-bit architecture that ARM has been promoting for some time, as the Asian firm is a prominent licensee of this technology. Could this be the heart of the Galaxy S5? It is difficult to make it, but when the river sounds…..

In any case, it does not seem to be ending soon is the battle for the first line in the smartphone market, much as Apple has deflated somewhat in recent months and that the developments to which they are accustomed the major manufacturers “reduce” in its great majority to more power.

Although the big question here is, do you really need to make the jump to 64-bit in mobile phones?

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