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Samsung presents a flexible touch screen mobile

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During the past CES 2013 Samsung was responsible for presenting its first mobile device with flexible technology Youm, a prototype that undoubtedly will revolutionize the market for devices such as smartphones and tablets.

samsung touchscreen

This little phone has the size of a matchbox, and the thickness of the screen is like a paper sheet, so that you can easily roll it, this is to give us an idea of the flexibility with which counts Youm, and not only that, it also offers new opportunities for the development of future devices.

The interesting thing is that, as has been revealed by the vice president of the laboratories of Samsung screens, his team has developed an OLED flexible screen is also made of plastic in extremely fine crystals replacing classics, so would be able to withstand falls inclusive.

Beyond this, since they have shown a lot of flexible OLED displays, each with chemicals that are sensitive to oxygen, so that it becomes vital to remain completely sealed, there is also a great difficulty in solving flexible touch screens, and the sensitivity is the same as are bent.

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