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Samsung launches Premium Suite package for the Galaxy S III

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Samsung has announced a Premium Suite for mobile star: the Samsung Galaxy S III Jelly Bean. In it, there are new applications and features such as the handling of two applications on the same screen.

Samsung Galaxy S III

Among other new features that are introduced with this package is also improved synchronization with the social network Facebook.

Among the features of the Premium Suite contains the named Page Buddy with which the music player activates the auto playlist of the songs that more you hear the user without opening the application, as it recognizes and detects when connecting headphones.

Also new is the context menu which streamlines certain functions such as sending a message. This and other actions are made possible by a panel that automatically reflects popular applications to perform that action.

And another feature is the multi-window function to handle the smartphone as a computer. This has been incorporated a sidebar on which the main applications have included. However, this bar may appear or disappear only be touched with the finger by the user. Its features include the ability to split the screen to use two applications simultaneously without interfering with its operation.

And there’s more news on this case with the images. From now on, it is possible to configure the camera with geolocation application to tag the photo with the location and the date and name.

Finally, highlight the improvements in the browser to set the font size and the option to share articles, among others.

It is noteworthy that it has introduced NFC connectivity that allows, among other options; automatically synchronize the terminal to send images and videos to another smartphone.

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