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Samsung is preparing three-sided screen smartphone

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It seems that the major smartphone manufacturers have realized the need to go a step further to keep their terminals on top and continue to attract consumers.

samsung three sided screen smartphone

If, as more than one of you must have thought it is no longer enough to launch a terminal half-inch larger, a processor with more cores or other small improvements. No, we must innovate, should distance itself from the competition, we must offer something that really serves as a hallmark in this difficult market.

Well, it’s easy to say but not so easy to accomplish, especially if we want to maintain a controlled price, but it is possible.

An example of this change of direction in the smartphone industry is in the Galaxy Round and LG Flex, two quite striking though, personally terminals, and the winner has to be the LG model, thanks mainly to its self-healing materials.

The fact is that the Korean giant does not seem to rest on the laurels of success, something that has been very clear with a new patent that have been presented in which recorded a smartphone screen with three sides.

samsung three sided screen smartphone

The idea is simpler than it seems and in fact is quite clear just seeing the pictures accompanying the patent. Thus, the center of the screen would be used as normal, while the two sides of the phone would be as shown in the picture that heads the news.

In this side could be placed, for example, the “slide to unlock”, battery level indicators or even other icons, which would ultimately give the terminal a new design and a striking structure.

Would you like? Well have to wait until 2014 to see anything like it in the market but, almost certainly, to high consumer prices.

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