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Samsung Galaxy Tab VS iPad: With which manufacturer do you remain?

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Probably at Christmas many are thinking occurs gadgets and consumer electronics products for gift or to pamper yourself and in this case we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of which are the two ranges of tablets that have worked best as to the most advanced on the market. We speak of course of the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, which we are going to take a look below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad

Professional use: Certainly for those who work with the tablets, the iPad offers the greatest potential. Not only for its design, have much more advanced and higher resolution screened, but also for the iOS interface and the world of professional apps from the App Store.

Use media: if you want a tablet is valid for entertainment, the Galaxy Tab certainly arise as the best option. First by its price, and second because the features provided are designed to a public widespread, as opposed to the more characteristic of the iPad own specifications.

Dimensions: In terms of dimensions, with the iPad Mini both compete already in all the levels. Until it appeared, Samsung was the king of tablets of minor format, but now both compete at the same levels.

Final Solution? It all depends on what you are looking for, but certainly both manufacturers are the best in the market and the fundamental difference, besides the appearance that goes according to the taste of each brand the OS, which will also depend on whether they are accustomed or ask for in terms of applications.

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