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Samsung Galaxy S5 come with 4GB RAM

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While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 boasts a 3GB RAM, apparently the next terminal of the Korean company could have 4GB RAM. Samsung has announced its new LPDDR4 DRAM chip of 8 Gb (gigabits).


The chip, made ​​with 20mn manufacturing process, is 50% faster than the previous generation LPDDR3 currently on the market, is also more efficient in energy consumption, consuming 40% less than 1.1 volts. With this, we see how the race for the further specification continues. Especially for Samsung has always tried to stay ahead in this regard, while we see other manufacturers like Apple, LG with Nexus 5 or Motorola with Moto X focus on other features to generate added value, especially in providing the best possible user experience.

Surely with this announcement, it is expected that the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 4GB RAM. So we can start building an idea of what will be the next Samsung flagship, which, as he usually does, is sure to have leading specifications, as we have seen in recent rumors about display and supplies.

We also hope that additional improvements in hardware, Samsung users can enjoy the latest Android updates, which was not seen during 2013. However, in recent days it was learned that the Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will soon receive the upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat, although Samsung has not confirmed nor denied these claims. Additionally, this 8 gigabits chip, allowing the use of 4GB RAM, is not only intended for Samsung equipment, on the other hand it is expected to be adopted by many of the terminals will see in the coming months.

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