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Samsung Galaxy S4-Sony Xperia Z: Secret is in the resistance

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They are led to a more active lifestyle, unstable, intended for the ‘broad’ and for those who work in an aggressive environment for electronics lifestyle. Do you eat or drink with the phone on the side? Are you one of those people who have suffered sloppy on occasion how a spilled coffee on that precious electronic treasure? Or you tried, after collapsing in the toilet bowl, put a mobile phone in a glass full of rice all night hoping that it could recapture the life?

water resistant smartphone

Although devices that comply with the standard IP67 – official protection degree – are common in Asia, European models, as a general rule, do not appear its variants resistant to water or dust. In this race, the next step is to create “smartphones” so robust that it can withstand shock, which could put struggling to market the casings, covers and protections from companies like Samsonite. Maybe if the screen is not damaged and the phone, although fall violently to the ground, does not break, do not have sense to purchase this product, except to give further customization.

With its “smartphone” and its “tablet”, the Sony Xperia Z has been the first to do so. The Japanese company has wasted no time in doing demonstrations of their potential that is able to withstand the most extreme experience. But this philosophy has been joined by a new friend.

A Samsung is been charged, on several occasions, making their devices in flimsy housing in polycarbonate, against other companies that have invested in other strong and elegant materials. Under official protection degree IP67, South Korea announced, after weeks of rumors, a new version of its flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active.

The device has the same features but the company says it has protection against dust and water. A fully sealed design prevents dust from entering the device interior. The protection from liquids has duration of 30 minutes of immersion to a depth of one meter. It seems little, but it is more than enough.

By “Mode Water” Samsung terminal increases the visual quality and clarity of the images and videos even underwater. In addition, it will come equipped with a headphone jack also water resistant.

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