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Samsung Galaxy Mega

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Phablets, those devices be halfway between a mobile and a tablet, and are too small to call them tablets, but too large to be considered mobile. And in this case we are talking terminal as the star of this post is a new commitment of the Korean in the sector, which has just made official the latest specifications of what will be a new brother in the Galaxy range, the Samsung Galaxy Mega.

Samsung Galaxy Mega

It is not the first time that the Korean flirts with the phablet world and for many the Samsung Galaxy Note is the most prominent within the segment.

However, in this case the Samsung Galaxy Mega is another leaf returned to the phablets, since the same terminal will also have two versions, both with different screen size. What do you think? We take a look ahead to what will be the new Samsung Galaxy Mega:

The Samsung Galaxy Mega will actually be two terminals. One of a 6.3 inch screen, and the other 5.8-inch model. In addition there will be major changes in the processor, since the largest carry a 1.7GHz dual-core, while the small settle for a speed of 1.4GHz.

The screen resolution is also different for the two Samsung Galaxy Mega. On the one hand we have a 720p HD screen for 6.3 inch and qHD display model in a smaller size. Both phones will find Bluetooth, GPS and microSD support, although the larger by default also include support for NFC.

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