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Samsung could launch a Galaxy S7 in a new color

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It’s no wonder that companies take advantage of the Christmas season to launch new versions of products that already carry some months on the market. While some companies prefer to launch “Pro” versions or improved some of its smartphones, others, such as Samsung, are more inclined to launch new colors of its flagship. According to new rumors coming from Korea, the company could launch a new model of Samsung Galaxy S7 in glossy black.

Samsung Galaxy S7 glossy black

According to the media The Korea Herald, the Korean company intends to launch next month of December a new Samsung Galaxy S7 in glossy black. The launch would occur in time for the Christmas campaign and the new color would still brighter looking to the already on its glossy casing that has the device thanks to the use of the glass in the entire body of the terminal. The new color accompanies the color “Coral Blue”, the unique blue color that the company filed with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A color after the disaster that the phablet from Samsung, the company announced it was moving to the Galaxy S7 line. As mentioned, a fairly common movement in many companies to try to boost sales of a device bearing on the market since March.

It is assumed that the glossy black that wants to introduce Samsung Galaxy S7 line will be very similar to the “Jet Black” color which presented Apple with the iPhone 7. Nevertheless, the current black color that the devices of Samsung have is already quite brilliant, as we were saying, due to the use of the crystal. It is possible that the Korean company is planning to launch a Samsung Galaxy S7 completely black, the black style used in Note 7.

It is logical to think that the idea of Samsung could be, rather than using a black even brighter, launch a completely black version of the Galaxy S7, borders and perhaps even the Samsung logo, including. And we say that it is logical because we have seen this design when the Korean company introduced the pink in the Galaxy S7. We also saw it in the silver model, and even in gold color, being the only model with black edges in different color to the rest of the terminal body.

In short, one more way to find new buyers for the next Christmas campaign, one of the times of the year with more sales of devices. Need to know if possible “glossy black” color will come both to Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge or, conversely, will be exclusive of the curved pattern. We recall that the current Samsung Galaxy S7 is available only in two colors, black and gold. However, the Samsung Galaxy edge S7 can already find in four colors: black, gold, pink and silver.