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Samsung buy BlackBerry by 7.5 billion dollars

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Samsung might surprise the world of buying BlackBerry mobile industry, a company that has lost relevance in recent years, but with a large portfolio of patents and its QNX platform.

samsung buy blackBerry

Samsung is interested in acquiring the popular Blackberry mobile sector company by 7,500 million dollars, and would by corporate services associated with the terminals, where Blackberry is still a landmark in the corporate market, which also ensure the continuation of the agreement between the two on Knox and BES that started in November last year.

The South Koreans made a proposition with a variable starting price between $13.35-$15.49 per share, representing a premium of between 38%-60%, at nominal current price of the Canadian contribution. Complied with these figures assume that the valuation of the company is set between 6,000 to 7,500 million, including a provision of approximately 1,250 million of convertible debt in other instruments, good in liquid capital or in common stocks.

It should take into account that the purpose of the purchase is likely being great BlackBerry patent portfolio and not the actual hardware manufacturing in the Mobile sector. Currently, the value of the shares of Blackberry is experiencing a positive environment at 30% nominal, which puts the market capitalization of the manufacturer and service provider around 6,700 million divided into 528,510,000 shares.

Samsung today unveiled its commitment of terminals with Tizen to claw market share to Lenovo and Xiaomi in India after the losses in 2014, do you join the patent portfolio of BlackBerry will assist in their recovery in emerging markets or consolidation of its aspirational range?

Update: Blackberry denies the news in a statement: “BlackBerry is aware of published today on the possible Samsung offer to buy BlackBerry. BlackBerry has not engaged in any kind of conversation with Samsung regarding this. BlackBerry policy is not to comment on or making statements about rumors and speculation, what we have no intention to say more on the subject”.