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Samsung also prepares a mini version of its Galaxy S8

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When we thought that the rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S8 range had come to an end, we get the news that the Korean house plans to launch, in the coming months, the mini version of its high range. That’s true. And from the distant Samsung Galaxy S5 did not have a mini version of its flagship.

A very good news, because those who cannot have their older brother S8 or S8+ for monetary reasons will always be able to take a look at this. The bad news is that, for the moment, it will only launch in Korea. Of the rest of countries nothing is known. It may not even cross the borders of the Asian country, although this, of course, it is nothing more than speculation.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini

Likely features of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini
If it’s called mini, it’s for something. This new Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini will have, according to rumors, a 5.3 inch display, a size that fits the standard of 5.5 of the medium, medium-high range of 2017. Unlike its older brother, we will not have Snapdragon 835, but its predecessor model, the 821. What does not change is the RAM section: we will have some more than sufficient 4 GB. And, by contrast, we will see how the internal storage is drastically reduced: 32 GB. Not insignificant figure but that is far from the most bulky 64 GB available to the S8 and S8+.

The star feature of this upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini will be the same as that of its older brothers. The infinite screen, that screen that covers the entire frame of the mobile, leaving out the frames, will be the hallmark of the S8 Mini. As for the photographic section, we will have dual 12 megapixel camera feature that also will have the next A and C model. Unfortunately, as we warned at the beginning of the article, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Mini will be released, in the beginning, in Korea.