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Return Zero

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A 3D psychedelic racer with a great soundtrack.

return zero

Now I’m not a mobile gamer, I very rarely tend to play games on my mobile, I only tend to play games that load quickly and can be played quickly, completed and put down. Return Zero is one of those games that does this well. Being a racing game and also having a cool soundtrack and some psychedelic 3D graphics (which look very Tron-ish if you ask me), I gave it a go.

The aim of the game is to go through as many blocks of blue as quickly as possible, whilst avoiding the red blocks and other obstacles in your path. There are both completion percentages and timed stages, which need to be met to unlock further levels. The higher the levels you get to the more complex and difficult they become.

The Android Market has a free version which has three worlds with various levels on, that should get you started and into the pretty addictive soundtrack and graphics of the game pretty early on.

What this little game is, is a nice casual racer for when you have a spare 2 minutes, and I do mean 2 minutes, because that’s how quickly you’ll be finishing a level.

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