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Puzzle games for iPhone and iPad

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The category of games for iPhone and iPad highlights the theme versions that include puzzles, which present a variety where we can find some of the most popular gaming platforms.

Aurora Feint 3

In the first place we can find the game of Aurora Feint 3 an edition that has interesting graphics with a very popular topic in the topic of games, this version is integrated by different levels of difficulty.

Another with a good level of relevance is Catcha Mouse also one of the most popular examples, as the main features has a playability and different levels of entertainment primarily with aspects of logical ability.

A game that can not fail to include in this selection is Angry Birds, which offers a variety of interesting items as well as the different levels where influence logical thinking and skills of each player.

Flipstones contains a puzzle with the conventional characteristics of games in this category where you can generate different forms for the primary purpose of accumulating points in the same way one of the most remarkable aspect is the use of the logical skills, to complete this selection of games we can mention Blocks Free also features where prevail with the puzzles.

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