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Project Zero, and internally called Samsung Galaxy S6

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Although there are still about five months for the Mobile World Congress 2015, and begin to show the first rumors about the end we will see at the fair. The last to arrive is related to the next flagship of Samsung, which, if all goes well, would be called Samsung Galaxy S6, which would already be in development under the name “Project Zero”.

project zero

The Samsung Galaxy S6 could be a new beginning for the Galaxy S family; the interesting thing is the name “Project Zero”, which breaks with the tradition of the latest models of the brand. Models like Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung Galaxy S5 and similar have called internally as Project “X” where “X” is either one letter of the alphabet. Instead, this Samsung Galaxy S6 be called “Project Zero” , which could mean that this Samsung Galaxy S6 would be a whole new beginning for the Galaxy S family, leaving behind many of the classic features of the range.

In fact, this new beginning should not be surprised at all. Samsung is in a delicate situation economically – during the past few quarters have submitted results lower than the expectations already previous years, and a turning point is exactly what they need to not collapse in the market for smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and somehow reflect the intention to change by introducing new elements such as aluminum, but not enough considering that competition come next year even stronger from what has become this 2014. Samsung will not just be conservative; it’s time to take risks and to continue to innovate, and this Samsung Galaxy S6 (internally called Project Zero) must be the best example.