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Problem of the persistence in some iPad Mini Retina image

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This type of problem is an old acquaintance which has already made an appearance in other Apple products, but on this occasion it was the turn of the new tablet of the company.

image persistence in iPad Mini Retina

A report has detected a problem in image persistence in some iPad Mini Retina, but for now we have no details about why the problem occurs nor do we know the number of affected devices.

The way to check if your iPad Mini Retina suffers from this problem is very simple, just use a template with black and white squares, checkerboard, steadily.

After that we switched to plain gray background. Yes it appears what we see in the image that heads the news there is no doubt, our device suffers the problem of image persistence.

We look forward to see the official response from Apple, but imagine that Cupertino will replace the affected models with new ones.

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