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Possible price of Nexus 5, Google working on a Nexus 4 with LTE

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A rumor says that the Mountain View giant is preparing a new variant of the Nexus 4, a terminal which, as we know, was exhausted after the great fall in price that applied Google’s face to clean stock.

Nexus 4 with LTE

The information is not meaningless because it reveals that Android could keep this version of the Nexus 4 as an economic alternative to the Nexus 5 trying thus to achieve greater market share.

Thus, the specifications of this review of the Nexus 4 remain unchanged and would be the only added LTE connectivity. Be offered, in theory, in two versions, one with 16GB and one with 32GB, the price being $299 and $349, respectively.

Jumping to the Nexus 5 the first thing that should be noted is that rumors that pointed to presentation on October 15 have erroneous result, which leaves us on October 31 as a new option.

As regards the price the first information pointed to 299 dollars as possible price of the 16GB 5 Nexus, while that of 32 GB would be around 399 dollars.

As we see the marked prices collide directly with the Nexus 4 LTE, so they lose credibility in favor of the new prices that let the leak today.

According to this the Nexus 5 of 16GB will cost $399, while the 32GB will be at $499. Keep in mind that in both cases we speak of free terminal, without contract.

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