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Pixelpipe 1.5 for Android Lets You Upload Videos

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Pixelpipe 1.5 for Android

Pixelpipe the “media distribution gateway that allows users to publish text, photo, video and audio files” to many different social, and media portals has been updated to 1.5 for Android users running 1.5 “cupcake”, which now allows users to upload video from their devices to many of their favorite social and media sharing sites.

Pixelpipes will now allow users to upload videos to Facebook, Picasa,, Twitter, Flickr and many more. The application is now available via the Android Marketplace.


  • Press Menu to switch between video, audio and photo views
  • Select the text to the right of the media to set title, caption and tags
  • Use routing tags to send to specific destinations at time of upload eg. @twitter, @facebook
  • You can send to Pixelpipe directly from the Camera and Gallery options by selecting Menu and then Share and choosing Pixelpipe. This feature is great since it’s convieniant and doesn’t require that open the Pixelpie application.
  • Press the Home key to put Pixelpipe in the background and continue uploading.

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