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Now you can disable the WhatsApp double blue ticks double with its last update

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WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging service in almost every corner of the world catches no surprise to anyone. Also catches of surprise to anyone that, despite being the most popular, is very far from being the most perfect of all, with various features that we miss as a client for PC or Mac or calls by voice, among others. Although the first thing is already solved by WhatsApp and there are conventional shortcuts thanks to third-party applications such as AirDroid, WhatsApp has always been shrouded in controversy.

disable WhatsApp double blue ticks

One of its most recent controversy was the famous and infamous double blue ticks, in which the double check confirming that it had been received would become blue if the recipient read the message in question or not.

This, as is evident, generated a storm on the Internet quite important, since the users did not want to give the opportunity to the other end of the communication to know if you have read it or not. Consequently, WhatsApp promised in a future update given the option to disable this feature for users who want change.

And this awaited update has finally arrived, at least in Android. In the new version, 2.11.476, will give this option to disable WhatsApp double blue ticks, so if you have not already updated, wait for an update soon.

Disable this option once you have updated is very simple: you must go to WhatsApp setting, look for the privacy section, and uncheck the option to “Read receipt”. This WhatsApp has already corrected one of its controversial, now plays for voice calls or client for PC or Mac.