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Nokia will launch a new “smartphone” with physical keyboard

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Nokia is preparing the launch of a new device for Wednesday. Although so far, the Finnish company has not revealed many details about this new “smartphone” itself has exposed two details of the same in a photograph: the screen and the physical keyboard. In in its official blog entry announcing that on Wednesday at 09:00 hours will be announced a new device that will have a physical keyboard.

nokia physical keyboard

Following the announcement of this new device, the Finnish company has prepared a question and answer session with a member of the mobile team, Neil Broadley and a special guest. For now, do not know many details of this device except that it has a physical QWERTY keyboard.

It seems unreasonable that Nokia go to launch a new “smartphone” range of the Lumia with keyboard, by what, probably, the new device to present the Finnish company is question of a “smartphone” range of the Asha, as this line already has models that have physical keyboard.

The Asha range devices intended to provide the basic possibilities of a “smartphone” to a very tight and accessible for customers. Nokia’s goal to create this range is to popularize this technology and make it more accessible to potential customers in the developing countries and emerging markets where the Finnish company may have an opportunity for growth in a market little explored and exploited.

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