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Nokia Lumia 510: new smartphone to view

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A new Member of the Nokia Lumia family appeared on the scene. Its name is Nokia Lumia 510. And aims to be the most affordable terminal of the second batch of equipment that the Espoo Company launches with the hallmark of Microsoft: Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 510

Nokia Lumia 510 could be the companion-or-perfect substitute of Nokia Lumia 610 in the lower Nordic manufacturer’s catalog. Moreover, in its interior are expected to be installed Windows Phone 8; in its place would be installed Windows Phone version 7.8, Microsoft launched version for existing terminals, for technical reasons, could not withstand the new icons of the software giant.

Also, this fully touch screen terminal would have one four-inch diagonal – slightly higher than the Lumia 610. Furthermore, it has been known to reach an internal memory size of four gigabytes and that would have 256 MB of RAM to operate. To this must be added a processor that would not reach the gigahertz frequency; should be content with 800 MHz processor.

On the other hand, and as occurring in the Nokia Lumia 610, its rear camera equips five megapixel sensor resolutions. And seeing pictures of the back, would not exhibit any built-in flash. Of course, it is expected to record HD videos with up to 720p as resolution.

Little more has been known about its technical characteristics. Now, it seems, China will be the first market to test the benefits offered by the new Nokia Lumia 510. This will be for before the end of this year 2012. Meanwhile, for other countries, it is expected that Nokia Lumia 510 makes an appearance at the beginning of the next year 2013.

On the other hand, its price in free format, says GSMArena, is located below 150 euros. To be more specific, and doing a conversion from dollars to euros, the price is expected for this Nokia Lumia 510 would be 115 euros. But anyway, Nokia has not said anything about it.

Finally, the first Nokia launches advanced mobile market will be the Nokia Lumia 820 and Nokia Lumia 920, two smartphones that do take the new version of Microsoft’s mobile platform: Windows Phone 8. Moreover, the Redmond has made official the release of its new operating system for smart terminals: will be on 29th October at an event held in San Francisco.

What can you expect from these two equipments? Since two smartphones with dual core processors, at least 4.3 inch diagonal slots to insert memory card – option that did not give the top equipments – and be able to make video calls thanks to the incorporation of front camera.

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