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Nokia launches Music+: unlimited music streaming for very low price

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Nothing else, but no one can deny that Nokia is betting offer a large number of services and unique features in their Lumia devices, so they are a determining factor when choosing a Windows Phone terminal.

Nokia Music+

An example we had so far with Nokia Mix Radio, its well known radio service free in streaming, that suits our tastes, scanning for that our music library to generate playlists chords.

Now, Nokia has introduced Music+, an update of this service that enhances a wide range of additional features for a fee of 3.99 euros per month. Despite this launch, the Finnish company has confirmed that Radio Mix still available for free, without ads, registration or subscription, to all users of a Nokia Lumia, so that they can continue to create their own stations or listening lists created by musical experts or international artists.

Additional features that offer Nokia Music+ are able to jump all the songs the user wants, download unlimited stations for listening at any time without Internet connection. Also, you can select a better audio quality when connect through WiFi connection, something perfect when you want to listen to your favorite music with the speakers in your house.

This service allows us to access all the lyrics that are synchronized with the music to follow them while listening to the songs. Finally, note that we will listen to the music via PC or other devices like Tablets.

Nokia Music+ will be available to all users of Nokia Lumia for a price of 3.99 euros, and will be available during the first quarter of 2013.

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