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Nokia had a Lumia running Android before being bought by MS

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Yes, Nokia had a plan B before being bought by Microsoft, Lumia running Android. It confirms what many pointed as a possibility was a reality that, logically, it is now impossible. Sources have disclosed information have remained anonymous, perhaps because they are still connected in one way or another to Nokia and they fear possible retaliation.

Lumia running Android

Apparently, and according to information leaked by these sources, the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft to maintain exclusivity with Windows Phone ended in 2014. The Redmond giant would have been aware of the alternative pathway was planning to take the Finnish company and therefore have decided to opt for the acquisition of the firm.

All the above becomes even stronger if we remember that, for example, in November 2012, Nokia released a offer that was looking for a Linux engineer, which indicated the intention to adapt Android apps like Maps.

It is clearly no longer see Lumia based on Android operating system, and we will not know if the OS jump to the Mountain View would have really helped Nokia to raise its head. Guys what you think, do you think that switching to Android would enabled Nokia regain positions in the smartphone industry?

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