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Nokia And Microsoft Get Into Bed Officially

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The rumors were flying around the whole internet about Nokia moving to Windows Phone 7, haters, lovers, fanboys, fangirls, employees, everyone has been pretty much going on about this for a few days now, and to be honest I was kind of sick about it all. So much, that I basically ignored everything.


But now it’s Official I’m starting to wonder about a few things;

How will this effect both companies and more importantly; Me. Yes that’s the big question here. I’ve personally long moved over to Android as my choice of mobile platform. Whilst on the whole I am satisfied with the whole OS, the choice of hardware is frankly not up there with the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson, in particular the camera. This is one major flaw in every Android handset, the camera quality on every device out there in the market is absolute crap. This leads me to start dreaming; a Nokia N8 running on Windows Phone 7. Surely not, well, 6 months ago perhaps, but in 6 months time; why the heck not? Imagine the possibilities.

My biggest gripe about Symbian in particular was the fact the UI was dated, painful to go back to after I had sampled Android, WebOS, INQ and WP7. It felt like going back to the 90s, and not in a good way.

As much as I was willing to give it a chance to try and change, it was quite evident there wasn’t going to be any major overhauls to the UI any time soon. Talk of QT and revamping experience etc were to me personally all talk and very little action and progress. In my mind Nokia needed to start from scratch, something perhaps they were trying to do with MeeGo, but MeeGo (Maemo) was like the bastard child, nobody loved enough to give it a chance, and even still, they’re trying to find a foster parent for it by giving it one final chance, before having to kill.

Windows Phone 7 is still a very young, rough and buggy platform, but I’ve said before the potential for it is there. Wait a year or so for the OS to mature, the platform to grow and it would be a contender to challenge the likes of Android, iOS, Symbian and WebOS. One of those has now thrown in the towel, so that’s one less to compete with. I personally would have liked Nokia to have gone with WebOS to challenge Android and iOS, but things weren’t right at the time for that to happen. Android does seem like the logical route for a user and a fan, but in Nokia’s eyes maybe WP7 is the only route left for them. Whilst Android has now built enough steam and quite frankly might not need Nokia as much as WP7 and Microsoft would.

By going with WP7 Nokia also wins; they get a modern OS with a fluid UI and the success of the platform would be attributed to them if/when it does happen. They also potentially get all the apps and developers for free, this frees up a hand to focus on delivering quality hardware, something that’s not Alien to them.

So whilst the decision to go with WP7 to many has been met with distaste, betrayal, and many other negative feelings, for the long term Nokia and Microsoft look to be in a much healthier position than yesterday.

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