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Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

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Nokia announces yet another version of their 8800. We’ve already had at least three version of the 8800 – 8800 S40 2nd Edition, 8800 Arte S40 5th Edition and 8800 Arte Sirocco Edition S40 3rd Edition and now we also have the Carbon version. All of the mentioned have small differences in features and build material as does the latest Carbon Edition.

Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte

Obviously the 8800 Carbon Arte is made from Carbon Fibre but also titanium, polished glass and stainless steel. Featuring an OLED display and a unique all-in-one microUSB connector it aims to marry functionality and design. Not to be reminded, this is one for those that have a big wallet and require something that distinguishes them form the rest.

Combining timeless style with superb functionality, the Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon offers the unique tap-for-time feature – consumers can tap the steel surface below the display twice and a clock appears on the screen. Background images organically change during the day, giving a unique appearance to the display. The turn-to-mute silencing mechanism allows individuals to silence incoming calls in a discrete manner by turning the phone over, screen-side down.

The Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2008 with an estimated retail price of EUR 1,100 exclusive of subsidies and taxes.

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