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Nokia 5800XM Hits v51 Firmware

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Nokia have released an update for the 5800XM handset. The latest version bumps the firmware revision to v51. This includes several improvements in performance, bug fixes and a few enhancements to make a little more easier.

Nokia 5800XM update

According to Tube5800 the changes include:

Official Changelog:

  • Improved Mail for Exchange
  • Improved video calls
  • Improved browser
  • Performance improvements.

Other improvements noticed:

  1. MusicPlayer refreshing is very fast.
  2. Browser 7.X
  3. Latest OVI store
  4. Latest OVI Music
  5. Latest OVI contacts
  6. Vibration levels in order & vibration is more clear!
  7. RDS is working again!
  8. Kinetics slightly improved.

I haven’t played around with the handset to notice anything myself quite yet, but will be sure to Tweet the changes once I notice them.

To check if the update is available (OTA it seems) you just need to enter *#0000# into the dialing screen and hit “menu” > “check for updates”. This should notify of an update if available and apply to handset.

Whilst the 5800XM does have UDP (User Data Preservation) be sure to back up prior, just in case.

Note: Operator branded handsets may not have the update available.

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