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Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Firmware Update – v20.0.012

Just a few days after a minor update to the 5800 XpressMusic there is yet another update reported by members of the Dailymobile.Se forum. The update is v20.0.012 which seems to be a big update and available via OTA or NSU, depending on regions from initial reports.
There is no official changelog but users are reporting the following changes:

nokia 5800 xpressmusic software update

  • HaloOx hack is working
  • Gallery opens real fast this time…even with my 966 songs and 433 images
  • Gps tag added in camera options, second camera is now working
  • New music and download icons
  • Touch sensitiveness is improved
  • Flash application now got D-pad
  • Web is same
  • Mass storage XP window crashing semi fixed…..crashes some time but not that much right now…in Vista works well
  • 3 new application is added call “app.update”(in application menu) and “Dictionary” and Search(for files and media in storage and web)
  • Bass effect is not shaking….(full bass mode)
  • Now flash videos content got zooming,full screen,and pann on screen option
  • Video playback is same -nothing new
  • Screen rotation is much faster this time
  • Voice recorded files not showing in the “sound clips” folder= Fixed
  • New Home screen editing option!
  • Dial buttons are bigger now than before.


  1. When changing lock code ..it give some kind of error…. But lock code is changing..
  2. When using myphone 2.03.1 it shows D-pad…. But no option to remove that…. A bit sad about that…So there is no full screen for myphone2.03.1

If you have a 5800 XpressMusic you can check whether this update is available for you by running the NSU or checking for updates via OTA.

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