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New Sony Voice Recorders

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The journalist recorders are a true classic among students of communication or journalism. Anyone studying to work in the media has had to deal with face to face and until a few years ago with mini cassette recorder was a classic of classics. Of course, that digital technology has become so obsolete so now you can enjoy a new generation of this type of device.

sony voice recorders

And Sony is again the brand of choice. So just introduced two new models: the Sony ICG-SX1000 and the Sony ICD-SX734. As always, it is very easy to use devices, those who learn to use without reading the manual much.

It has a system of three microphones that lets you select which is most appropriate for recording you need according to time and place, and it’s all automatic. These devices have USB and Sony LCD screen.

In addition to the lithium battery, is rechargeable, the first model has 16 GB of memory while the second but always expandable 8GB microSD or microSDHC card and a number of accessories including headsets or casing to transport.

The Sony ICG-SX1000 is priced approximately 27,000 yen (221 euros), while the Sony ICD-SX734 costs around 20,000 yen (164 euros).

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