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New images from Samsung Galaxy F, which will be almost non-existent edges

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New images have leaked of the Samsung Galaxy F, which have a metallic design and with virtually no edges, in an attempt to improve its ability to design and emulate the LG G3, which is attracting all eyes.

Samsung Galaxy F

For some time we were hearing rumors that Samsung is preparing a vitamin version of Galaxy S5, a vitamin whose temporary name version was S5 Galaxy Prime, later changed to Galaxy F, as we could see in a newer filtration. And now they have come to light new images in which the Galaxy F, this time next to a Galaxy S5, and you can see a clear difference.

And the main difference is the tiny edges of the Galaxy F, unlike the Galaxy S5 which has more or less normal edges. This movement of “outside edges” in Samsung can be interpreted for two reasons: one, as an attempt to meet on image to LG G3, which is lately attracting many looks with its 5.5-inch screen and comfort to be handled; and two, as a change of strategy in the underbelly of Samsung, its design, becoming more stylish, elegant and above all ergonomic phones.

Beyond the filter today, according evleaks said long ago that the Galaxy F would have a 5.3-inch screen and qHD resolution (again, equaling the LG G3) Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, 3GB RAM, 16 megapixel camera with optical stabilization and a metal construction, away from the traditional plastic used in Samsung handsets. Evleaks also stated that the Galaxy F would be presented in September this year, which is not entirely unreasonable, since the IFA Berlin is held between 5-10 September, date that also Samsung takes to present their new Note model range.

Obviously all that they are still rumors and leaks, so nothing is confirmed at this time. However, if this is official, Samsung should continue with this project, since the topic of tiny edges is a great idea that LG has done very well in their G3, and if anything should improve both Samsung, HTC, Sony and Apple is further hasten the edges, trying to take advantage of everything the width of the terminal in what really matters: the screen, the screen size has increased over time. But this does not mean that with the increase of screen lead to an increase of the smartphone.

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