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New features leaked on the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

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The 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 would be a step closer to being announced. The device has just passed a performance test, confirming part of its possible characteristics. It would be a mid-range model with metallic design and 5.5 – inch display. The new Samsung Galaxy would include eight-core processor, 2 GB RAM or a main 8 megapixel camera.

2017 Samsung Galaxy J7

Samsung would be finalizing the details for the announcement of the 2017 Galaxy J7, a device that has been talked about for some time, but we have not yet officially known. The phone would have recently passed a performance test, leaving new interesting details. A design level, we expect a very similar model to its predecessor, the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J7, with metallic chassis and slim, lightweight body.

The edges becoming rounded slightly in order to make it more comfortable for the user. The new leak reveals that the 2017 Galaxy J7 would mount a 5.5 – inch display with HD resolution (1,280 x 720 pixels). Apparently, the company would not have raised it up to the Full HD, as suggested by other rumors.

In the interior of the 2017 Samsung Galaxy J7 would find eight-core processor, a Exynos 7870 working at a speed of 1.5 GHz. This chip would be accompanied by a 2 GB RAM, a figure that would allow us to work in conditions with some heavier applications of the Google Play Store. Also, this model would have an internal storage space of 16 GB, expandable through microSD card. Basically, this device would be very similar to its big brother, 2016 Galaxy J7, although the company would have added a little more power, since its predecessor came to market with a Snapdragon 615 processor. In this case, memory and storage would remain intact.

Regarding the photographic section, the new 2017 Galaxy J7 equip a main camera of 8 megapixel resolution, a fact that strange, especially considering that the previous model is available with a 13-megapixel rear sensor. It turns out to be strange to us that the company does not improve this characteristic, or at least maintain it. The information in the performance test are clear and so detailed, while also ensuring that the front camera would have a resolution of 5 megapixel. The same, now, that of its predecessor. Otherwise, we also expect a camera with different modes, such as autofocus, face detection or Flash, to improve the captures.

This latest leak does not give information about the battery, although sticking to earlier rumors, the 2017 Galaxy J7 equip with a 3,000 mAh, which could be slightly higher than the 3,300 mAh of its older brother. Let us hope that this is the case or at least be maintained. As we say, the device could be announced in the coming days. It will be then that we can leave doubts and finally confirm officially all its internal characteristics.