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Multi-Touch on The Nokia 5800 – Experimental

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Nokia 5800 multitouch

Jamie Fuller shows us the potential option of having multi-touch on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. As he points out, most devices still have single touch with the exception of the iPhone and Palm Pre (with the latter expected to be sued by Apple). So legally it looks like Apple has the patent for a certain type of multi touch technology, as we have seen with the G1 also – multi touch is capable but not included, so it seems manufacturers are holding back for a reason.

Jamie takes us through a demo on Youtube which showcases the shortcomings and how he has implemented the multi-touch into the 5800 via a DDR based game – note this isn’t done via an OS hack.

The game idea was a simple derivative of guitar hero or DDR whereby you press a button or buttons along with the music.

The two major problems with this idea on this specific platform are:

1) Button layout, the buttons need to be in an easy to reach location, but also that will not require the phone to be shifted around to reach other keys. Also when pressing the buttons its important that the main game play area is not obscured by the players hands.

2) Most touchscreen devices are still only single touch capable. this severely reduces the number of button presses available. Unlike a traditional keypad which allows for combos.

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