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Mozilla offers a free “smartphone” Keon to developers

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The Mozilla Foundation has begun offering for free the “smartphone” Keon among developers to encourage the creation of an application ecosystem around its new mobile operating system.

Firefox Keon

It is only necessary to explain that this is the application and if the project is approved, the team of Mozilla will send the device to the developer. Once the Geeksphone Company began to distribute «smartphones» Keon and Peak via its website for a price around 110 euros, the Mozilla Foundation has announced that it will offer a new proposal for aspiring Firefox OS developers.

This initiative, called mobile applications for Firefox, has been carried out following the launch of the latest version of the simulator operating system of Firefox.

The foundation aims to stimulating the development of applications for the new mobile operating system before its launch late next summer because, according to Mozilla itself, its range of applications is still very low so that developers should act quickly: “our device inventory is limited and release dates are fast approaching, so we must act now”.

The program will be open until the end of this month or out of stock of the Firefox Keon. It is only necessary to present the draft app through the official Mozilla blog, and if approved by the team will send the developer a Geeksphone Keon for free.

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