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Move away the chances of seeing a iPad Mini with Retina Display in 2013

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It seems that in reality those dreaming of a new iPad Mini with which thrilled by our screen, with the addition of the Retina Display feature and Apple are going to have to wait even longer.

iPad Mini with Retina Display

As you know Apple is having serious problems with its manufacturing of components and does nothing has rejected a good order of iPhone by the lack of quality of their components or Assembly faults. So it seems that deviate the chances of seeing an iPad Mini with Retina Display in 2013.

The truth is that we feel that things are not looking too good for that new tablet, because if the iPad mini is working so well in the market it is also because of its low price, which can actually compete while, Apple. Incorporate new retina display would increase the quality of the tablet, but it is also true that would mean a price increase that as it is on the market with the crisis, might not be suitable for all budgets.

So it seems that Cupertino has clearly decided to send the iPad Mini with Retina display for later, and stay this time with an iPad Mini renewed in a second generation that would be some improvements, but it would not be a real change of generation. Let the iPad Mini 2 would be like the iPhone 5s for the iPhone 5, improved thanks to the market, but that does not entail a change really important. We’ll see…

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