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Motorola seeks to create mobile with ‘fair’ size

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The first Google phone with Motorola influence begin to appear in the second half of this year, as assured the chief designer of Motorola, Jim Wicks. The company claims that its philosophy to follow will be the ‘better is better’ instead of “bigger is better” and stressed that the device will have the ‘fair’ size.


Following the purchase of Google, Motorola seeks a hit all in terms of inches of the screen, the correct dimensions without being carried away by trends to grow the size of the devices increasingly. In addition, it will also emphasize the scratch resistance and falls.

Motorola did not want to follow the trend of increasing size of the phones. It is the only Android handset manufacturer who is willing to reverse the current trend of these phones, launching devices with a smaller size. “Some people like big screen”, says Wicks.

“But there’s a sweet spot for consumers that is currently outperforming the market. There are people who want something that are just and necessary”, he says. “I think the ‘right’ is important, and we are designing it for not to disappoint people”.

Last autumn Motorola launched a new mobile Razr line, but Google executives criticized that these terminals had no ability to surprise users. Experts say that Google bought Motorola solely by its large library of wireless patents.

In an interview given by Wicks, the designer gives some interesting details of upcoming devices under development: “We have spent the last eight months in this new generation of phones, and we have all made positive comments and we worked together”.

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