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Motorola Keylink, gadget with which you never lose your keys or smartphone

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Motorola introduces a new device called Motorola Keylink, an accessory that connects to our smartphone via Bluetooth and whose main goal is to give the location of our keys or our smartphone at specific times. How? In principle, this Motorola Keylink lives in our key, so just press the button to sound our smartphone, and in this way, find it. But what happens if we do not find the keys? Simply open an application on our smartphone and the keychain will begin to sound, thus providing us with the task of finding the keys before leaving home.

motorola keylink

The most interesting of this Motorola Keylink is that it is not only compatible with Motorola devices but with any Android or iOS smartphone. In other words, it is compatible with most smartphones on the current market, something that greatly expands the possible market of this gadget.

Another very interesting use is to convert this Motorola Keylink in a trusted device for our smartphone. What does this mean? That if our smartphone features Android 5.0 Lollipop will not have to enter the unlock pattern, as it detects that the Motorola Keylink is close.

It is certainly an interesting and versatile gadget that can prevent us some other problem in the future. It is will be available for $25 at the online store of Motorola stores and T-Mobile. We know marketing outside the U.S. plans, although, given the simplicity of the product, do not be surprised that it soon landing in more regions.