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Motorola confirms the existence of the mobile “X”

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Motorola has already confirmed the existence of its first mobile made under the scrutiny of Google, Moto X. First leaked an announcement that the company would be published in media in which we are celebrating the arrival of the “first smartphone designed and assembled in the United States”.

Moto X

In the press (advertising) Motorola notes that people celebrate the freedom to be who you want. “And it is with this same spirit that you bring something new”. Moto X is the first phone that users can design to his liking.

This confirms many of the rumors that had been raised months before pointing the mobile would be customized. “Today we have the opportunity to have the freedom to design things in your life that are unique like you”, reads the message.

They also emphasize that the process of engineering, design and manufacturing will take place in the United States. These “values” were also curiously featured by Apple during his last keynote in celebrating the implementation of the new MacPro in the U.S.

“We know this will be a challenge. In fact, many people have said that this can not be done. But we’re not like other companies” breed document.

After filtering the ad Motorola allowed users sign up to receive information and progress on the design of this phone on its website.

The company expects to end this summer with more than 2000 new employees in Fort Worth, Texas “working to make all of this possible”.


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