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Motorola Ara, open hardware project for smartphones

The Motorola Ara is an open hardware ambitious initiative to build smart phones and with the goal of “making in the hardware that the Android platform has done in the software”, says the U.S. firm in its presentation.

Motorola Ara

Motorola Ara comprises a structural framework that will serve as a basis to include additional modules to customer choice. Display, battery, processor, keyboard if necessary, any type of sensors and other components that complete intelligent terminal.

The idea is that the user can swap in the future malfunction or update/upgrade module as they arise most powerful components or new technological innovations.

“Our goal is to promote closer and more open relationship between users, developers, and their phones, to give him the power to decide on all matters relating to their phone, their design, what it is done, how much it costs and how long it will keep it”, say from the project.

A project in which Motorola has partnered with Dave Hakkens, the creator of Phonebloks, a method for building your own smartphone which soon gained interest with a million users in its support.

The Motorola Ara is scheduled to begin in the coming months inviting developers for the creation of modules and the launch of the corresponding development kit.

We think of Ara as in the creation of our desktop PC, built, for example, from a tower ATX to which we add different components (varied but standardized) from power supply, motherboard, processor, graphics, memory and storage. If this is the Motorola Ara is going to be a very interesting project to which we will follow the track.

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