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Moto DVX: Moto X economic company Wings

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The Moto X is the first fruit of the company of the wings after being bought by Google, a terminal which, frankly, has generated mixed feelings. The main reason is simple: its high price and its performance at the hardware level, closest to those of a mid-range smartphone that to one of high range.

Moto DVX

Shortly after its release they quickly skip rumors suggesting a possible cheaper version of Moto X, which can finally give almost confirmed, which reveal that Motorola will maintain the ability to use interchangeable covers.

The new terminal would be called Moto DVX and currently do not have details on its possible specifications, but should be, in principle, lower than the Moto X which, remember, has Snapdragon SoC with 1.7 GHz dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, GPU adreno 320 and 16-32 GB storage.

We have to wait, but great that Motorola would eliminate two important limitations of Moto X in this new model, the lack of microSD slot and the inability to change the battery.

Finally on possible price talk about $300, while its release would occur over the next month.

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