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Microsoft: The Surface RT available soon

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Microsoft may be planning to introduce its hybrid tablet, Surface RT faster than expected, according to some reports.

Microsoft Surface RT

According to Paul Thurrott, a blogger for WindowsITPro, Surface RT will be in stores “within a few days”.

Thurrott quote does not any source, but it says that the release of Surface RT, apart from the webstore from Microsoft, should normally be early 2013. It seems that the company has changed its plans.

Thurrott also reveals that the Surface RT should arrive in stores outside the United States, without specify what parts of the world are concerned.

Microsoft changes tactic, a preceding report had suggested that because of the weakness of the sales of Surface RT, Microsoft was going to advance the exit of Surface Pro at the same time as Windows 8.

Thurrott has yet denied the rumors, stating that the tablets “well sold in light of the modest distribution”.

He added that “sales area represents one of the positive points about the launch of this 2012”.

So, whatever the reasons, Microsoft has decided to change its plans as it will exit Surface RT in stores, and generalize the Surface Pro launch before end 2012.

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