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Microsoft Lumia Denim available with large photographic enhancements

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Microsoft announced the launch of Lumia Denim, its next big update for its smartphones with Windows Phone. It comes with large photographic enhancements for major brand models and support for active listening of Cortana.

microsoft lumia denim

Months after being announced, Microsoft finally released Lumia Denim, the next major update for the Lumia handsets. News, as previously announced Microsoft, are related primarily to the photographic aspect; in fact, these improvements of Lumia Denim only will be available for those terminals with best cameras of the family: Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia Lumia Icon, Nokia Lumia 830 and Nokia Lumia 930.

The innovation that brings Lumia Denim are 4K video recording, improved Auto HDR mode, Dynamic flash and overall improvements in image processing. Also, the camera application (renamed Lumia Camera) now starts and captures pictures much faster than before, something that Nokia Lumia handsets such as the 1520 highly needed.

Photographic updates only reach models Lumia Denim brand premium also brings with it the “Hey Cortana” functionality, which allows us to activate Cortana voice recognition without touching your smartphone (simply saying those words). Of course, it’s only available in those smartphones with SoC that has a chip dedicated to active listening, such as the Lumia 930 and Lumia Icon (among others).

Lumia Denim update is now progressively to all users of a smartphone Lumia (from the 520 to the 1520). As always, it will begin to reach some regions and concrete models and, gradually, it will be coming to all users. You can check the availability of Lumia Denim for your model, you can do so at the site that Microsoft has enabled it. If by chance your smartphone is not among those chosen to receive the update, do not worry, and because Microsoft has confirmed that in January hit a new batch of Lumia Denim updates for other models.