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Microsoft launches’ app Office Mobile on iOS

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Microsoft has released Microsoft Office Mobile application for iOS devices. However, there are still some limitations because it is not available for all countries and can only be accessed by subscribers of Office 365. Yet it is the first step in the office suite of Redmond on iOS devices as an application.

microsoft office mobile

After months of rumors about the arrival of Office to iOS devices, Microsoft has launched its office suite Office for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Office Mobile for IOS is the official Office software optimized for the iPhone. With it, users can access documents from Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as view and edit them, from anywhere.

The documents are identical to the originals, and supporting diagrams, animations, SmartArt graphics, shapes and more. When you make edits faster or add comments to a document, the format and content remain the same. Users will have access to documents from anywhere through the cloud.

With the phone can access Office documents stored on SkyDrive, Office 365 or SharePoint. Office Mobile is connected to the cloud, so recently viewed documents on the computer will be available on the phone in the recent documents panel. In addition users can view and edit Office documents attached to emails. However, although it is a step forward for iOS users, for the moment, Microsoft Office Mobile has some limitations.

This app only available in the United States and for subscribers of the new Office 365.

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