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Microsoft is working on a “smartphone” that detects your mood

Microsoft is working on a new technology for smartphones that can “feel” or detect the emotions of the user and automatically share them with friends on social networks, as reported by Mashable.

detects mood

Microsoft Research Asia has published a report revealing that the company Microsoft is experimenting with a smartphone that has sensors that can detect the user’s moods. This system has been called “MoodScope” and can automatically share this user information through social networks like Facebook.

There are mobile that already incorporate motion, temperature or light sensors, but since Microsoft have wanted to go a little further and this device measures the ‘mood’ levels of users sorting them into several types: tense, happy, angry, bored, calm, stressed or excited.

“While the devices have many sensors to understand the physical world that surrounds them, they are unable to develop a vision on the subject that matters most: the user. We consider the implementation of a mood sensor will be the next vital step in increasing the sensitivity to the context of mobile devices”, the researchers note in the paper.

As noted in the text, knowing these moods, “users will be able to know better how and when to communicate with others. For example, parents of a child in a bad mood might decide if called to encourage him. When you send a text message to an annoying boss, you may be careful to speak more carefully”, have explained.

With these data, Microsoft said that users could communicate in a digital environment in a way similar to the real world. They note that this will reduce social barriers, but emphasize that physical life is not always people commented mood but neither was “hiding”.

According to the report, Microsoft is already testing a prototype that can infer the state of mind of a person with 66% accuracy, however only been tested on 32 participants in two months.

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