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Looks like a Nokia Lumia, but is an iPod Nano

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The bite of Apple when it comes to sue right and left the competition for using technology patented by themselves or by denouncing that has been plagiarized a design is already an old known of the sector. The dispute with Samsung is the clearest reference about it. However, what happens if Apple which is suspected to have been inspired over the account in another product of one of your competitors?

iPod Nano

That’s what several respects industry begins to ask about the new iPod Nano. Along with the iPhone 5, the Cupertino presented a series of devices that also will be released in the coming days on sale. Among them, a new generation of small music players and video with touch screen. This fell swoop of mini-teams renewed their design, and the look is now flying as part of its renovation has resulted, at least, familiar.

Do not recall too through the imagination to deal with the fact that, whether by chance or inspiration, the iPod Nano keeps more of a conjunction with the Nokia Lumia 800 -or rather, with the Nokia N9, which was the first device in the house that showed off that design. In spite of the fact that the sizes of one and another are far – the type of use that you expect from them to one and another is logically different – common lines are more than evident.

For starters, the iPod Nano has multicolored exterior covers practically just the side edges of equipment, at the height of the front panel, go to show a casing that surrounds the rectangular screen. Unlike the Nokia N9, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 where the casing is black, iPod Nano in this framework is white, except the small player model with black housing, which is also black.

The situation becomes even more bizarre; when it comes to putting on the table the judicial saga of imitations of design, remember that Cupertino firm lawyers themselves came to argue that it is possible to compete with the iPhone without using copies the appearance of the terminals. In this sense, Apple gave the example of Nokia, which has been able to launch, through the Lumia range, a series of smartphones that use their own design, away from the multinational California proposals. Now, this argument is somewhat less firm.

From Nokia there are no entries at the moment. The play must have been so shocked them and the rest of the industry. However, it would be more than ironic that, this time, Apple are the guys who have to deal with competition in the courts under the premise of being responsible for a copy of full-scale design. For now, Samsung and HTC are already preparing a lawsuit by the presence of LTE in the iPhone 5.

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