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LG will launch its first “smartphone” with flexible display at the end of the year

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The company LG will launch its first “smartphone” with flexible screen later this year. The company is working with OLED technology for creating flexible screen terminals that are able to adapt to the user’s hand and its movements.

lg flexible display

Flexible displays aim to be the future in the field of mobility. Recently Apple has patented a device with immersive 3D display, flexible and no buttons. However, other companies like Samsung, Nokia and LG also have shown their prototypes of such screens and their interest sooner throw the market.

The development of these screens devices begins to take more and more power within these companies, even LG is determined to be the first to do so.

The vice president of LG’s mobile division, Yoon Bu-hyun, said that his division was working closely with LG Display to bring consumers a flexible OLED display phone in the fourth quarter of this year. Although not all of the device will be flexible, the display does provide some degree of flexibility.

The release of this device would be scheduled for later this year; however, manufacturing difficulties could lead to a delay in its release, as has happened to the company’s own struggle with their particular televisions Samsung to build this type of OLED screens.

Both LG and Samsung companies are submerged in this race, making reference different ads in the imminent arrival of these screens in televisions and mobile devices. However, have not yet come to see, except the prototypes shown at CES and Mobile World Congress. Meanwhile investors to keep a close monitoring to see if LG can fulfill its promise to launch this type of ‘smartphones’ on the scheduled date.

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