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LG G6 Mini, the reduced version of the LG G6

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There by the month of April appeared the rumor that LG was preparing LG G6 Mini. At that time specifications and even several images were filtered. Now the known filtering Evan Blass has published on Twitter that the so-called LG G6 Mini could come as LG Q6. If true, among its supposed characteristics would highlight a screen with 18:9 format and a simple camera system. At least that’s what the familiar filterer says.

LG G6 Mini

According to Evan Blass, the one we all thought was the LG G6 Mini will be called LG Q6. Apparently the terminal has been seen in recently in FCC with model number M700. And if the rumors are true, this terminal would have the same design as its older brother. However, as well as the display of the LG G6 is 5.7 inch, the one of the supposed LG Q6 will be 5.4 inch.

Still, the format of the display will be the same, 18:9. In addition, according to the known filter, the device will have a body-to-screen ratio of 80%. Of being like that, this fact would be over the one that has its older brother, with 78.6%.

As for the rest of technical characteristics, we do not know what will keep in its interior so-called LG G6 Mini. The Korean company may choose to keep the Snapdragon 821 processor. But also by using one of the new middle range of Qualcomm processor. What does seem to be is that it will come with 3GB RAM. This makes us assume that LG will opt for a midrange processor.

Another of the great mysteries surrounding the LG G6 Mini or LG Q6 is the camera. The first leaks, including the images you have above, show a double camera. However, today Evan Blass has published that will arrive with a simple camera of 13 megapixels.

Otherwise, we know what we see in the images. For example, the data and charge connector will be a USB Type-C . You will also have a headphone jack on the top of the phone.

At the moment we know neither possible price nor launch date. What’s more, it is not even sure that the LG G6 Mini reaches Europe . Hopefully LG will think about it and allow us to enjoy this mobile.