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LG Flex drop test, will manage to survive?

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The people of Android Authority has carried out one of the tests most eagerly awaited of the moment, a drop test of LG Flex, the new terminal with curved screen of the Korean company.

LG Flex drop test

Two elements of this smartphone over the last few weeks have caught our attention, the aforementioned curved, flexible screen that theoretically should serve as protection in a frontal crash terminal, and another its special coating on the back which, as we saw in this video, repairs itself.

The first thing that is clear is that the curved screen fails to make a substantial difference. Breaks suffering terminal are very big and very well marked, though thankfully not affect proper operation.

Finally we speak of damage to the rear, an area which we know self-repairable LG Flex material. Even despite having left a long recovery time see that deeper brands have not disappeared, which makes clear that the material is only able to cover small scratches and surface marks.

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