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KnockCode: The safest and fastest way to unlock your LG

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LG brings its range of terminals the Knock Code function, improved system of keystrokes on the screen to unlock the terminal, which now includes customizable security patterns.


Last year, LG introduced the LG G2 with KnockON function allowing the terminal on and off by double-clicking the screen. This year, seeking to bring the utility into the realm of security, LG brings KnockCode, which allows you to completely unlock the phone based on a pattern of custom touches by the user, and against integrated solutions for Android by default, adds much more security and flexibility to the dozens of times per day that we unlock our terminal.

And although sometimes the issue of privacy and security can be banal, we must always remember that our smartphones are our most sensitive data, text, image and video, which suffer theft of the terminal or the gossip of someone can be a crucial factor.

With KnockCode avoid this type of problem, since we can design up to 87,000 different kinds of patterns, from 2-8 screen taps. Even for those who only value the convenience, with KnockCode goes directly to the Home screen, avoiding tedious to enter passwords every few minutes.

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